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I am using Liferay 6 and Tomcat for development . I have developed a Custom Login POrtlet for my Application

Now on entering http://localhost:8086 , my Custom Login Page is displayed .

Please see the screen shot .

enter image description here

My question is , could anybody tell me how can we remove that Liferay Logo , Sign In Hyperlink ( Extreme right top ) and Powered BY ?? from the screen .

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Actually the Logo can be changed without creating a theme. The other items require a cusotm theme however (where you will want to edit the velocity macros). For the logo look under Control Panel > Portal > Portal Settings and then click "Display Settings" on the right side.

Additionally you can also provide a small amount of css to the basic theme as well, but this should be considered a temporary hack at best. Go to Manage > Page Layout > Public Pages and at the bottom you will see a section labled CSS in there you can do:

#sign-in { display: none }
.powered-by { display:none }

But bear in mind that a user with firebug or similar tools can still expose the old sign-in by changing the CSS in firebug and the Liferay tag line is still in the source so it's only hidden from non-technical folks. A theme is really the right solution.

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Yes you can remove all of those by creating your own Liferay Theme, deploying it, and then setting that Theme as the one to use for your Community.

This Liferay Wiki Article on creating Theme's should get you started, if you have any questions after this then ask away! :)

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Go to custom.css file inside _diff folder of your theme add the below code:

#sign-in { display: none }
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