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I am going to develop a call manager system website that will communicate with Asterisk server(s).

It will be developed in PHP, I have been googling around and I notice there are a few opensource asterisk PHP library like phpagi

Would phpagi (or any other one do you recommend) allow me to do the following?

  1. Support inbound and outbound access.
  2. 80+ operators using the phone at the same time.
  3. Can create many groups of operators, for example: 30 sales operators (inbound & outbound) and 50 technical operators (inbound).
  4. Atomically record voice calls
  5. Connect and interoperate with ISDN lines

I understand I will have to install Asterisk server on Linux server and then do some configurations.

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Because its GPL you should also ensure, that you are able to use it. – KingCrunch Dec 30 '11 at 21:14
If you just use it you can almost always use it since you do not publish anything - so you also don't have to publish the sourcecode. – ThiefMaster Dec 30 '11 at 21:32
I have a crafted a library for asterisk called Shift8 for PHP which binds to the manager interface. Check it here and source on github. AGI libraries are pretty much used to replace the dialplan logic (extensions.conf), while the manager interface opens to a whole new possibilities. – mobius Jan 18 '12 at 22:32
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PHPAGI is certainly the "go-to" package for what you're looking to do. You'll likely want to build your own custom library on top of PHPAGI to give you higher level functionality for your particular needs.

If your PHP will reside on a different server than the Asterisk instance it is controlling, you'll want to specifically use php-fastagi. It implements the Asterisk FastAGI interface and makes it more accessible in PHP land:

FastAGI Reference:

PHP-FastAGI Reference:

To respond to your specific capacity requirements: you shouldn't have an issue. Stay away from server virtualization when it comes to the Asterisk server, and use moderately-capable server hardware, and you should be fine.

In the interest of not hammering the Asterisk instance with read-type fastagi commands, such as polling for extension statuses, you may want to consider a caching mechanism on the PHP side that polls on a regular interval and stores this information for any number of individual client/browser data requests.

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You can use PAGI library if you are going to use PHP 5.3 or later

This is very quick and better to use than that of phpagi

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PAGI is simply great. +1 – moonstruck May 13 '13 at 3:35

phpagi is just a communications channel to the Asterisk server - it lets you execute AGI commands against the running Asterisk instance. It has nothing to do with the "features" you want.

Your questions are more around the capabilities of Asterisk itself, and around the machines/network pipe you'll be using.

(note that I built a PHP website that setup and managed stuff on Asterisk, but I just used exec() stuff and parsed the Asterisk results - before phpagi was around)

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Yes I think I am aware of that. What I meant, would phpagi make life easier to code to communicate with Asterisk server than using exec(). Or is there alternative better option than phpagi. – I'll-Be-Back Dec 30 '11 at 21:21

Yes php agi is a good option, but you will also have to work on dialplan and AMI. I have working on the same using php agi and asterisk....

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you also want to look at ARI as it is a more sophisticate interface to asterisk.

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