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VSS is resuming it's sabotage of my repository again. The repair command won't let me repair, the lock VSS doesn't seem to affect currently logged in users-- and it isn't a user, its claiming the only person logged in is admin (via the VSS admin tool!) and I have already closed all instances of the VSS admin tool and client.

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I generally hate doing this sort of thing (which is why this is a comment and not an answer) but have you considered moving away from VSS? (Source Control: Anything but Sourcesafe) – Mark Biek May 16 '09 at 21:37
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In computer management, close all the sessions and open files. It's drastic, but that is the only way I found to fix it. You also might want to close the share temporarily.

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I had the same problem and even after following the steps in the answer above, it did not go away until I stopped the SQLWriter (Sql Server VSS Writer) and SSService (Visual SourceSafe LAN Service) services.

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Reboot the machine and re-try.

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Close also all Visual Studio instances since these are also (or can be) clients of Visual Source Safe.

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stopping SSService (Visual SourceSafe LAN Service) worked for me, thanks.

it saved lot of time and confusions...

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I have this batch file running through the Task Scheduler 2:00 a.m. every day when no one should be logged in anyway, but they are. It seems to do the trick.

net stop sqlwriter
net stop ssservice
"D:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe\analyze.exe" -C -D -F -V4 "D:\vss\data"
net start ssservice
net start sqlwriter

The only issue I have come across is the backup folder might have data in it, which stops analyzer in its tracks. So I might end up adding some commands to move the stuff out of the data\backup folder if I run into that issue again. (In that scenario, you have to keep the analyze.log file in the backup folder. I haven't done enough research into that, though.)

I hope this helps!

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-bd cmd option will remove the last backup. I use it anyways after renaming the backup folder by appending a timestamp. Analyze.exe -F -V3 -D -db -c -s "Drive:\Location". – TamusJRoyce Nov 8 '11 at 15:08
Thank you, Tamus. I will try that out, but how do you go about renaming the backup folder by appending a timestamp? I did add such a feature to my batch file, but it seems that it only creates the folder without moving the backup data into it. – Bobort Nov 29 '11 at 14:57

Write a mail to everyone:

Subject: VSS Emergency

Body: Everyone is asked to disconnect immediately from VSS. This is not a drill. I repeat: this is not a drill.

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ha ha. I sent the email to the administrator-- the only person logged in. That was me. I told my self I didn't have the answer, so please contact the administrator. That put me into an infinite loop I may never get out of. – MatthewMartin May 15 '09 at 12:38

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