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I want to put an table content to a string if a listview item is selected.

My actual query

    public Cursor webUrlQuery() {
    String webUrlTmp = "select weburl FROM stations WHERE name=" + "'" + name + "'";
    return database.rawQuery(webUrlTmp, null);

works. But if I log it to logcat via

Log.d(TAG, "webUrl = " + webUrlQuery());


Log.d(TAG, "webUrl = " + webUrlQuery().toString());

I got something like this:

12-30 23:25:15.828: D/StationsActivity(10576): streamUrl = android.database.sqlite.SQLiteCursor@4132fce0

How can I get an string which I can use? It seems that the method, cursor.toString() dont work.

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It depends on how many results you're expecting. If you only expect one result, you could use something like this:

Cursor result = webUrlQuery();
String url = result.getString(result.getColumnIndex("weburl"));
Log.d(TAG, "webUrl = " + url);

Good luck!

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Yes. Thanks. Thats exactly what I want! – Leandros Dec 30 '11 at 22:58

Why are you trying to logcat the Cursor object? If you want to print the query, you need to use webUrlTmp.

BTW, you should really consider binding your query parameters.

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I have an listview, with certain items (out of my qslite db). If on item is selected, I want to set a string to one db item. In this example above a url. Logcat is only for testing. :) But if I logcat the webUrlTmp is get only null. Why? If I use sqlite on my device (in adb) I got the right url's. – Leandros Dec 30 '11 at 22:53

Cursor.toString() is working perfectly fine - it's returning a string representation of the Cursor object. You presumably want Cursor.getString() (and I believe you'll first need to use Cursor.moveToFirst() to point to the first returned row).

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Works, too. Thanks! – Leandros Dec 30 '11 at 23:02

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