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This code is meant to compare the characters in two strings and see if they are the same. It does so by taking the strings, converting them to a char array, sorting them, and then comparing them.

private boolean sameChars(String firstStr, String secondStr)
    return Arrays.equals(Arrays.sort(firstStr.toCharArray()), Arrays.sort(secondStr.toCharArray()));

When I compile this code, it highlights (firstStr.toCharArray()) and says 'void' type not allowed here. What's causing the error and how would I fix it?

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Arrays.sort() doesn't return the array. You'll need to store the character array strings to local variables, then call sort on each variable, and then finally compare the two arrays using Arrays.equals():

char[] firstStrArr = firstStr.toCharArray()
char[] secondStrArr = secondStr.toCharArray()
return Arrays.equals(firstStrArr,secondStrArr);
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Arrays.sort returns void. You can't pass its 'value' to Arrays.equal. it sorts in place.

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you should reference two char[] a, b; Array.sort a, Array.sort b and return the Array.equals a,b

    private boolean sameChars(String firstStr, String secondStr)
        char[] first = firstStr.toCharArray();
        char[] second = secondStr.toCharArray();
        return Arrays.equals(first, second);
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