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How do I pass the XNAContentPipelineTargetPlatform parameter to MSBuild via TeamCity?

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I'm working on a continuous integration setup for an XNA project. What I've done so far is to be sure to not run the TeamCity build agent as a service, so that XNA doesn't have any issues with creating a graphics device. The next speed bump I hit is the XNAContentPipelineTargetPlatform parameter.

What I've tried so far is passing the parameter as a command line parameter to MSBuild (A) and also passing the parameter as a configuration parameter (B). Both in both cases, TeamCity says that the property is required (and apparently not found) in order to build content.

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You shoud use system property in 'Properties and Environment Variables' section. TeamCity will put all system properties to MSBuild properties.

It's not recommend adding /p commandline parameters

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