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I'm delphi user, i got problem when try to connect sqlite with my unidac 4.0.1 component. I've dropped TUniConnection, Sqlite uniprovider, setting client library at specification property, but it always raised an error:

file is encrypted or is not database.

I've used - lastest sqlite3.dll - delphi xe - unidac 4.0.1 - sqlite2009 Pro Enterprise (for creating sqlite 3 database file)


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Latest version is vague, providing the exact version is more helpfull for people willing to answer your question. –  menjaraz Dec 31 '11 at 6:15

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I guess you did encrypt the file using Sqlite2009 Pro Enterprise.

The standard sqlite3.dll does not implement encryption.

You'll need either the SQLite Encryption Extension (SEE), either another implementation (like the one embedded in wxcode).

If your file is not encrypted, try to use another SQLite3 viewer (like SQLiteSpy or our SynDBExplorer) to guess if the file is correct.

Also ensure the file is not created in "C:\Program Files" folder, which is made "virtual" by the UAC.

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