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I have a grid. In a each cell in a column in the grid, there is a text box. Next to each text box is a button. Attached to the button is a click event handler (jQuery .click()) What I want to do is when the user clicks the button, I want to fetch the value of the text box immediately next to it. There are multiple rows in the grid. Each row how a text box and a button.

I know how to use jQuery to fetch an individual, or group of items (using selectors). I also know how to attach the click event handler to all the buttons.

But what are some good ways to reference the text box next to the button -- aside from "walking the DOM" (i.e. using .parent() or .next())0

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Could you post your actual HTML mark-up, rather than having us play a logic game to assemble it in our heads? And, incidentally, I think that whatever selector you end up using is going to be a form of 'walking the DOM,' unless you have common attributes between certain (sets of) elements that allow another form attribute-selection to occur. –  David Thomas Dec 31 '11 at 0:00

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An easy way to do it would be to get the TR then find the input from there:

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I like how this one sort of walks the DOM, but uses the queries. Nice. –  010110110101 Feb 18 '12 at 22:19

You want .siblings('input') - this will find those input elements "next to the button" that was clicked.

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