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I have 4 items in my TabBar. One of the items is a "WorkFlowViewController". I want to show "WorkFlowViewController" modally when the user hits that tab in my TabBar, like click on the voicemail tab on Phone App.

How to do that using segue in the storyboard?

I tried to link(Control+mouse) the TabBarViewController with the WorkFlowViewController, Storyboard segue shows four options: 1. relationship 2. push 3. modal 4. custom

if I choose "relationship", it will auto add tab item to the tabbar and works fine(not modally) when the user hits the tab.

if i choose "modal", it won't add the tab item to the tabbar, then the user has no where to click on the tab item. and i can't manually add tab item to my tabbar using storyboard.

Thanks a lot.

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You can't. TabBarViewController is a container view controller and thus only option 1 (relationship) is applicable.

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