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So my container div when is not visible is this :

div id="content-wrapper" style="display: block; left: -980px; ">

and when is visible is this :

div id="content-wrapper" style="display: block; left:0px; ">

I want to append a div when a div container is visible, and I don't know how exactly to do this.

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Is there any reason you're using a position instead of hiding the div? If you hid the div (style="display: none;") then you could use the :visible selector in jQuery. You could also use a class (class="hidden") then you could use jQuery to see:

if ($('#content-wrapper').hasClass('hidden'))
    // append div

Without that, you're pretty much dead in the water as you don't want to rely on spacing or text case.

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$("#content-wrapper:visible") will return #content-wrapper when visible.

using the visible selector:


So you could do something like $("#content-wrapper:visible").append(...)

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I think "visibility" is being achieved by position left: -980px;, which the :visible selector wouldn't take into account. –  squint Dec 31 '11 at 1:45

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