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I have a problem with table-layout:fixed and width of inner columns if their content wider than column.

Look at my sample here: http://jsfiddle.net/H5FLm/

Main idea of this markup that I need centered column with auto-width by inner content and liquid columns on sides.

I'm opened for any suggestions to fix it or use different markup.


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I prefer using word-wrap instead of overflow. Check my version here

Added word-wrap: break-word; to content class.

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Check out this layout, sounds like it's what you're looking for:

The only reason your current layout doesn't work is because of your choice to use the string looooooooooooooong as your sample text. HTML does not wrap letters. Technically you can do overflow: hidden; and BOOM... problem fixed.

Had you used loo oooooo oooooo ong, no problem.

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