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I'm using expressjs along with nowjs, I'm binding some events to the now object right inside the route when it's being accessed. This isn't very clean, and I have the feeling everything the root is accessed the events are executed.

I'm not sure how, but I wonder if I could move this elsewhere?

app.get('/room/:name', function(req, res)
  //Should this code be moved elsewhere?... how?
  nowjs.on('connect', function()
  { =;
    console.log("Joined: " +;
  }); = function(message){
    nowjs.getGroup(, message);

  res.render('room', { user : user });
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You could separate the room code out into another module, perhaps even applying a pattern such as MVC to your app.

var Room = require('./models/room');


app.get('/room/:name', function(req, res) {
  res.render('room', {user: user});

// models/room.js

Room = {
  initialize: function(name) {
    nowjs.on('connect', function() { = name;
      console.log("Joined: " +;
    }); = function(message){
      nowjs.getGroup(, message);

module.exports = Room; // makes `require('this_file')` return Room

I'm not super familiar with Now.js, but you get the idea--but the code that doesn't concern the HTTP stack in another module, in another file, and require it and use it when necessary.

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Yes, I see. I was more concerned about the .on() event being called on every page access. This will do for now. Thanks. – Patrick.SE Dec 31 '11 at 20:53

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