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I have downloaded the Micro Cloud Foundry v1.1.0 instance and am configuring it to work offline per the instructions available here: http://blog.cloudfoundry.com/post/9962996319/working-offline-with-micro-cloud-foundry

However when I get ready to setup the SSH Tunnel (which I was successful with once before) I can't find the IP address anymore. According to the instructions it is supposed to be displayed where it shows "IP Address: (network up)" but it no longer is displaying.

enter image description here

Any idea on another way for me to get the IP Address of the instance?

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Did you try menu option 1, refresh console to see if it comes up? Or menu option 8, restart network?

You should be able to also login to the Ubuntu console and see networking information. Press Alt-F2 to switch to a login prompt. For the username enter vcap and enter the password you gave when you first booted and configured the Micro Cloud Foundry VM. After you've logged in, run the command ifconfig to view network and IP information.

One last thing: confirm your VM NIC is set to NAT mode rather than Bridged. If you change it, be sure to reboot the VM for it to take effect.

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