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I am a little crazy about this. At first, my mapping is like below


But, then we found, if the exception is throw in Spring Security code, the error page is not correct. By looking the source code, I change the mapping from view to action

"500"(controller: "error", action: "exception")

and, in the action I will send a redirect request to another action which will render view. Seems everything work.

However, today I found if the request which cause exception is GET, it works, if it is a POST, then nothing rendered, it just return 404 to browser.

Could anybody tell me how to walkaround it?

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Found a walkaround. Config mapping as:


In the view, write an redirect

<% response.sendRedirect("/xxx/error/exception") %>

Then , render view in the ErrorControl, exception action.

Waiting for better solution.

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