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As question, I have satisfied with what R and ggplot2 can do for static graph, but what about interactive graphs? How combine R and Protovis to make the graphs?

There is somethings called rwebvis but seems it is no longer active.

Any suggestion? Thanks.

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There is a package from google called googlevis that enables some interactivity. This produces plots that are embeddable online. If you like protovis, the same author has another library called D3.

For running R on a webserver, I have been experimenting with RApache, which enables you to link your R installation to an apache server.

If the interactivity does not to be online, RStudio have a package called manipulate which may also be of interest.

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Well, first you need a web server. Ooh, R has one of those now. Then you need some way of generating output on the web from R code - ooh, R has one of those too:


So you can then write R server pages that return JSON-encoded data that you can feed to Protovis - or if you want to get right up to date, to D3, which is Protovis++ and made of win.

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Iplots is a fairly useful package that allows interactive graphing ( by this I mean selection linking between graphs, color linking, etc). It has some limitations and is not really made for producing plots as much as exploring data trends.

Acinonyx also was recently updated which is supposed to be an updated version of iplots, but from what I can tell it still has some work to do.

Not familiar with protovis or rwebvis.

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