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Hi I use C# and SharpSvn library. I would like to check if file is under source control before adding it with SvnClient.Add. When I do it on file that already is under SVN than I get error : "is already under version control".

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This pretty well demonstrates how to do it using status

using(SvnClient client = new SvnClient())
    SvnStatusArgs sa = new SvnStatusArgs();
    sa.Depth = SvnDepth.Empty; // Adjust this to check direct files, or (recursive) directories etc

    Collection<SvnStatusEventArgs> statuses;
    client.GetStatus("c:\\somefile.txt", sa, out statuses); 

    Assert.That(statuses.Count, Is.EqualTo(1));
    Assert.That(SvnStatus.NotVersioned, Is.EqualTo(statuses[0].LocalContentStatus));
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Checking with .GetInfo() is a bit cheaper (io-wise) if you only need to know if the file is under source control and not if the file is modified. –  Bert Huijben Dec 10 '10 at 21:08

If you only want to know if the file is under source control you could use .Info() / .GetInfo(). That method is generally faster as it doesn't have to check if the file has changed since it was checked out.

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