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I'm trying to use javascript to change the video file in browser on iOS 5.

Here is a image, when user click, it will call ChangeVideo function,

<table class=ControlLeft>
<tr><td colspan=1 class=GroupLabel>aaa</td></tr>
<td class=MovieButton id=Cslide6><a href="#" onclick="ChangeVideo('Fire-presentation/m_slide1.webm')"><img class=ThumbImage src="Fire-presentation/thumbnails/slide6.png" alt="slide6"></a></td>

and here is a div element which contains a .webm file,

<div id=container class=Container>
<video src=""Fire-presentation/m_slide1.webm" type="video/webm">

I used the following script to remove HTML content in the container, and create a new video element.

function ChangeVideo(path)
    var container = document.getElementById("container");
    container.innerHTML = "";
    var myVideo = document.createElement("video");
    myVideo.src = path;
    myVideo.type = "video/webm";

It works on my PC with Chrome and Firefox, but doesn't work on iPad 2 with iOS 5.0.1 , I did as and suggest but neither works.

Is that possible to change the current playing video to another one in iPad 2 dynamically ? Thanks !

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It possibly is, but iOS doesn't support .webm so it's not going to work with those particular videos whatever you do.

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