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I have completed my Project in VB.Net and has published my project. But i want to come out of these things

  1. I have Sql Server Database in my project and i want my setup to add that database to sql server on installing my project.
  2. I want my application to automatically detect sql server 2008 r2 and if it is not instaled i want it to install for me and then atach the database.
  3. I dont want to add the database as a Attached database in my project.
  4. i dont want to install crystal report in my application.
  5. I have some unused refernces in my application in my project which i want to removed, i have tried the default visual studio remove unused references but still have some references like shockwave.dll log2net.dll etc.
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i had worked on these and googled but didn't find any solution – Kishore Jangid Dec 31 '11 at 8:58
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The first step would be to switch to an MSI-based installer. This should allow you to resolve issues 3 and 5 (you control what the MSI includes). You can use a Visual Studio setup project, WiX or a commercial setup authoring tool.

For installing your database (issue 1), the best approach depends on how you use your database. Some installers simply copy the database files, others install it using custom actions and others execute SQL scripts. You should first determine how you want to install it and then ask a more specific question if you encounter problems.

To install SQL Server when it's not found (issue 2), you can use a prerequisite. This is done differently for each setup tool, so you first need to decide on a tool and then research how it supports prerequisites.

For issue 4, I'm not sure I know what to say. An MSI package will install what you include in it. If you don't add Crystal Reports in your package, then it won't be installed.

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Visit http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/10032/Deploy-SQL-Server-databases-easily-with-an-Install

Deploy SQL Server databases easily with an Installer class

Best regards! Elias Sant Anna

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