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I need to select all a tags from <a class="self"> to <a class="next">. Here is example

<span class="pages">
    <a class="prev">&nbsp;</a>
    <a class="self">17</a>
    <a class="next">&nbsp;</a>

There are hrefs attributes. I don't want to get anything before class self. I want everything from self to end of the span element.

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When you say "I need to to get", what do you mean by "get"? Do you want to remove all other tags, or do you want a jQuery selector that selects the a.self to a.next elements? –  Alex Dec 31 '11 at 10:21

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nextUntil [docs] would get all a elements between a.self and a.next, excluding them:

$('a.self').nextUntil('a.next', 'a');

If you want to include them, just use .nextAll [docs]:

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i think he want all a tag between self and next... –  JohnJohnGa Dec 31 '11 at 10:21
@JohnJohnGa: Thanks, fixed :) –  Felix Kling Dec 31 '11 at 10:23

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