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I am building an app with many views and subviews. I am trying to figure out how to approach creation of the subclass.

one simple example: I have a table view with heads view and footer view. (I have much more complex views then this one, but I am trying to explain my point with a simple one).

In the beginning I didn't want to create views subclasses for every view, but I found that my code is getting complex and hard to navigate in.

Then I found my self creating a view for every subview in the main view. The truth is that I like it better cause my code is clearer to me. Th only thing is that I don't know what are to cons and pros of each approach.

How do you decide when to create a custom view or create it's code in the main view?


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I usually create a UIView subclass only when there is specific functionality that would be best done in such a class. This might be that the view is a control such as a keyboard to enter a value or a UITableViewCell subclass.

Otherwise I would generally not subclass UIView but just create the view hierarchy in Interface Builder or in code and then use the UIViewController subclass to do all the business logic.

Basically, in general with iOS programming, you want to have all the logic of how a "view" (or screen, or whatever you want to call it) in a UIViewController subclass. It's hard though to really give good advice without fully understanding your hierarchy.

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