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I am having a problem with the optimized version of my qooxdoo application. The thing is, I am trying to use qooxdoo in an existing application spread across many Javascript files and has a fairly complicated structure. To integrate qooxdoo I just generated an application and included it in my HTML project and it works. However, when I try to do:

./generate.py build

to generate an optimized version of the library, the generator optimizes out qooxdoo classes and widgets which I am not using even though I am in my project. I want to generate an optimized, minified version of qooxdoo library with "everything". Is there a way of doing this?

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You can tweak your config to include all (interesting) qooxdoo framework classes. You basically have to add qx.* and will want to exclude some unwanted namespaces beneath that, in the build-script job. E.g. in your config.json add something like:

"jobs": {
    "build-script" : {
        "include" : ["qx.*"],
        "exclude" : ["qx.test.*", "qx.dev.unit.*"]

Have a look at the application/playground config in the SDK, the Playground app uses a similar approach.

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