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First let me say I am a total newbie on iOS but very experienced in other mobile platforms.

I have to deploy a configuration profile to almost one hundred of iPads. For what I understand this can be done:

  • Connecting each device to a computer and using iPhone Configuration Utility.
  • Serving the profile via a web server (as shown here)

I have not material time to code a service to implement the flow between the device and the server. I was looking for available solutions and I found Apple Lion Server has a Profile Manager (which I understand does what I need).

I tried to find some open source and/or free solutions providing this feature (installing the profile in remote devices) but I couldn't find any.

My questions are: Are my above statements true? Is there any already available solution to perform this task?

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Profile manager is free. You just need to install a trust profile on the iPads.

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