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String.Intern has a special pool for strings which can later be retrieved.

Is there any way for me to know that the specified string was taken from the pool , and was NOt newly created ? example :

string s1 = "MyTest"; 
string s2 = new StringBuilder().Append("My").Append("Test").ToString(); 
string s3 = String.Intern(s2); 
Console.WriteLine((Object)s2==(Object)s1); // Different references.
Console.WriteLine((Object)s3==(Object)s1); // The same reference.

s3 ref val was taken from the pool

is there any way for me to know it ?

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You might have some luck with the IsInterned method, it returns null if the string wasn't interned, and returns a reference if it was taken from the pool. However, this behaviour will depend on the runtime, and might not yield what you expect.

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I think that IsInterned method could help you:

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I should get me some glasses :) thanks. – Royi Namir Dec 31 '11 at 13:20

Yes, use String.IsInterned().

See the MSDN page.

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