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Now I have some files whose suffix is .tif. However, I can't open it with libtiff(Tiff for Windows 3.8.2). It says bad magic number (0xd8ff). So I know these files aren't actually tiff files, they are jpeg files.

Then, I use libjpeg library to read these files. I need to convert these jpeg files into tiff files. I get the x-resolution and y-resolution using libexif(because libjpeg doesn't support this), says 72 dpi, and I use TIFFSetField to set the corresponding field of the tiff to be generated with no error occurred. But the x-resolution is 96dpi when I look up the property of the generated tiff using Windows Property(Right click on the tiff ->Property).

When I use the utility of libtiff, tiffinfo.exe, to look the information of generated tiff files, it returns (0,0) pixels/inch.

When I open this generated tiff files with Photoshop CS5, it says 72 dpi in image size dialog (opened with Ctrl+Alt+I).

I just doesn't know the reason. Is there a method to set the resolution so that tiffinfo could recognize the resolution correctly.

Hope make myself clear

Cheers and Happy New Year,


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It sounds like whatever tool you're using is just wrapping the JPEG in a TIFF wrapper (type 6 data). The resolution of the TIFF is probably specified as you set, but the JPEG data within is sent to a JPEG decoder where the resolution is read as the default value. Send me a sample and I can tell you what's happening. – BitBank Jan 8 '12 at 18:47
How to send you a sample image? – machinarium Jan 9 '12 at 9:49
my email address is in my profile – BitBank Jan 9 '12 at 14:24

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