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I'm looking for something out of the box to programmatically send emails at a given point in the future. Something like Amazon SES, but that also takes care of the temporal aspect. If SES just had a date/time-parameter for when to send the email, the problem would be solved.

Does anyone know of some service, API, lib or open-source project that does this? The less I have to do myself, the better. Preferably it should be http-based.

I understand how to build something like this myself, that's not the issue. I would simply prefer to pay for it rather than maintain yet another custom-built service.

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Had a look around http://sendible.com/ have an API for doing this using REST/HTTP.

Looking at their pricing and what they offer it maybe overkill depending on your needs....

Here are the links I found, the code example shows scheduling an email message.




http://mailchimp.com/ have email campaigns that can be scheduled, but have no support for single emails as far as I can tell - they use Amazon SES for sending.

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Looks like Sendible can do the job, best suggestion so far. Something more "pure" would be cool though; they offer a lot of extra cheese I don't need. Tack iaf James ;) –  Jakob Dec 31 '11 at 14:54
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