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I have acquired the google.inject package via ivy in my IDE, however, I dont see the pacakage


Which is referenced here


I'm wondering --- maybe there are multiple guice repost which I should pull from ?

I do, however, see the following packages : com.google.inject -> binder/internal/matcher/util

My ivy definition :

 <dependency org="com.google.inject" name="guice" rev="3.0" conf="*->*,!javadoc"/>
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It's in the "guice-multibindings" artifact.

<dependency org="com.google.inject.extensions" name="guice-multibindings" rev="3.0"/>

mvnrepository info

(FWIW, sometimes info like this is easy to discover by downloading a project's main artifact(s) and un-archiving it, I just looked at the version I had laying around and saw the jar file then searched on mvnrepository for "guice", and there it was.)

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