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I have a window_1 (toplevel) and when hovering over it the motion is monitored via motion_notify_event. I also have a popup window that partly covers window_1. When the mouse enters the popup window no motion_notify_event is emitted by the underlying window_1 anymore, as now the mouse is now over the popup window. As the popup window only supplies information and is not supposed to be clicked I still want to monitor the motion of the underlying window_1 altough the mouse is over the popup. I.e. I still want the motion_notify_event to occur although window_1 is covered by the popup window. Any ideas how to go about that?

(I thought of triggering the event via gSignalEmit when moving the mouse ober the popup but was not able to implement that)

Below you find the code for in R GTK binding style. I hope it is readable for non R users as well.

w <- gtkWindow(show=T)
eventbox <- gtkEventBox()

p <- gtkWindow("popup", show=T)
evt2 <- gtkEventBox() 
col2 <- gdkColorParse("#FF1421")$color
evt2$modifyBg("GTK_STATE_NORMAL", col2) 

gSignalConnect(w, "motion-notify-event", function(widget, event, ...){ 

Thanks! Mark

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