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Here's the situation:

In a rich:dataTable in an a4j:form, i create a a4j:commandLink to select the values and pass it to the bean with the jboss el action syntax


This works without problem.

But If I re-render the form to filter the datatable with an ajax call, when I select the value, it gives me the wrong results: the index from the selection, but the data from before the filtering.

Any ideas?

Thank you Zack for giving me the right solution in only 5 minutes.

I think passing parameter in the action between parenthesis is more elegant but, hey: this works. :)

Thank you a lot.

P.s. I'm editing the title too.

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Try using:

<a4j:commandLink action="#{bean.myaction}">
    <f:param name="myparameter" value="paramValue" />

and then access that parameter in your action via the requestParameter("myparameter") through the FacesContext.

As a side-note, this isn't jboss EL, it's unified expression language (EL). It's just a feature of JSP/JSF in general, as specified by Sun.

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In addition to the Zack's answer, I would say that if you need to extend the EL expressions in order to have the ability to call method with parameters, you can use the EL Functors library:

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He's using JBoss EL. You can do #{bean.myaction(myparameter)} just fine. – Damo May 15 '09 at 14:58
Ok, thanks for the information (I've never used JBoss EL). – romaintaz May 15 '09 at 15:09

Is your datatable populated using a Collection annotated with @DataModel ? If so try removing it from the context when filtering so that it gets re-requested.


//In filter method
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Thanks, but I'm not using the datamodel. I'm using seam entity query framework. – Luca Molteni May 15 '09 at 15:06

Putting the dataTable in a <a4j:region> worked for me. This way, you can still use JBoss EL parameters.

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