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I need to receive some data from xml document from the web and

display them but only if i didnt output them earlier.

I check xml document every 5 minutes.

Data items dont have any timestamps associated with them.(so i cant compare them)

What is the best way to check if data is new?

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if you show the xml data structure you can get much better answers. – darlinton Dec 31 '11 at 17:00

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The XML you're reading may not have any timestamps in it, but can you provide a specific example of the web resource you're accessing?

If it is just a resource accessed over regular HTTP, and if the HTTP server is following standards, there should be a Last-Modified HTTP Header that you could use to determine when the file was last modified. (Details at

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Thanks! I mean in general: 1)i have some document(xml or html)2)i received and displayed existing (at the moment) data items from it.3)i check every 5 min if new data items appeared, if they appeared i display(add them to the displayed earlier) them. The Question is: about 3) - how do i select only new data items?? not previously displayed?? – DrStrangeLove Dec 31 '11 at 17:09

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