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I am trying to fetch a price on a given page by using regular expressions, but the variable I use to store the fetched content is always empty. Can some one help me in writing the correct regular expression.

If the page is:

I want to fetch price 260 from here.

Some html code of page for tags:

<span id="fk-mprod-our-id" class="price final-price our fksk-our">Rs.<span class="small-font"> </span>260</span>
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you could write more bulletproof parser using simplehtmldom - see For me it never failed to parse document.

You will end up with code like this

include_once '/path/to/simplehtmldom/simple_html_dom.php';
$html = file_get_html('');
foreach ($html->find('') as $element) {
    echo $element->plaintext;
//will output "Rs. 260", unless page changes

Much cleaner code, though it's performance nightmare when compared to regexes

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Assuming that the Currency might change depending on the IP/Country, i would have used Explode (am not so good at Regex)

//consider that $html contains the page source
$html = explode('<span class="price final-price our fksk-our" id="fk-mprod-our-id">', $html);
$html = explode("</span>', $html[1]);
$price = $html[1];

i hope that helps.

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Looks like that's the only time the final-price class is used, so this ought to work:

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