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I am currently using CI 2.1 and Netbeans 7.0 as my inveiglement IDE. I would like to create some simple unit testing using SimpleTest. In particular the methodology used by Eric Barnes and his code found at Git Hub CodeIgniter-SimpleTest. (https://github.com/ericbarnes/codeigniter-simpletest)

I have created a new CI application using Netbeans 7.0 and connected to my database (which contains 1 table called schools with the typical schema schoolid, schoolname, schooladdress etc.). I have created a controller (simpleapp), which loads a model called schools_model. The schools_model gets all the schools using a method called getAll(). Another method called getSchoolName(id), accepts a school ID and returns the school name.

The controller then loads a view called schools_view to display all the schools. Pretty simple stuff…....... and it works flawlessly, displaying all the schools when I point my browser to


(I am also using a .htaccess file, hence no index.php)

My question is this….......

How do I get SimpleTest to work using the Git hub code supplied by Eric?

I have followed Eric’s set-up advise, but don’t know what URL to point to to create the screen dumps he provides. I have maintained the directory structure Eric suggests but haven’t had any success. Eric suggest to point the browser to yoursite.com/unit_test.php, but I get a 404 page not found error for localhost/SimpleTest/unit_test.php

I assume the above error is due to the fact, like most CI applications, we need to use a controller first.

I would appreciate any direction in this area.

I have done exactly what you suggested. I have placed the unit_test.php file in the root directory and set up the test directory structure as suggested. However, when I point to localhost/SimpleTest/unit_test.php I get the 404 error.

My directory structure looks like

Source Files

-application (folder)
-tests(folder from git hub with model/test_schools_model.php)

Is it a .htaccess issue the reason I cannot view localhost/SimpleTest/unit_test.php?

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You are correct you need to go to yoursite.com/unit_test.php or in your case localhost/SimpleTest/unit_test.php

You need to copy the unit_test.php file from github into the sites root directory and place the tests directory there too. You then put your tests in the appropriate folder under tests/

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