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I'm new to Ruby and just installed it following the instructions on this website.

I'm not sure why, but now whenever I open terminal, I get the following error message:

-bash: HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm: No such file or directory

Is there something I'm missing? As far as I can tell, Ruby is installed correctly and is running fine.

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Most likely your .bash_profile is screwed up; include the rvm line in your question. –  Dave Newton Dec 31 '11 at 20:13
it might be that you've missed the '$' is HOME declaration ($HOME). –  ykhrustalev Dec 31 '11 at 20:15

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It looks like you put HOME in your .bash_profile instead of $HOME. You should also verify that your .rvm directory exists in your home directory. You could also check the value of $HOME by running echo $HOME in a shell, and it should return something like /home/yourname.

Note: You could change "$HOME" to "~".

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