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We're exploring Mongo for a new website and we want to ensure no two users sign up with the same email address, so, a unique index on the email field is necessary.

Is this supported in a sharded Mongo environment? Mongo documentation states unique indexes are supported, but makes no mention of shards.


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From the documentation:

You can use the {unique: true} option to ensure that the underlying index enforces uniqueness so long as the unique index is a prefix of the shard key. (note: prior to version 2.0 this worked only if the collection is empty).


This makes intuitive sense, as mongodb has no way of checking uniqueness across shards, unless the shard key gives you such cross-shard uniqueness guarantees "for free".

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Not sure I fully understand. I just need to make the email field part of the shard key? What if my shard key is lastname:1, email:1, how can I ensure uniqueness is enforced only on email and not lastname? –  user646584 Dec 31 '11 at 23:01
If you did it that way, mongo would be able to assure that lastname was unique, but not e-mail. If your shard key was reversed, then uniqueness of e-mail could be assured. The unique index needs to be a prefix of the shard key, not just a subset. –  Dave Griffith Dec 31 '11 at 23:14

We do

if( $exists = $mongo_UserCollection->findOne( $desiredEmail ) )
    throw new User_Exception( 'Email address in use.' );
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