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Silverlight Unit Test Framework has an [Asynchronous] attribute (AsynchronousAttribute) that causes the tests to only end when EnqueueTestComplete() gets called. This allows for a simple way to write tests that need to wait for an event to occur before they end. Now I am trying to pick a favorite general purpose unit test framework out of the ones that seem to be the most popular choices - VSUTF, NUnit, xUnit.NET, MbUnit and I was wondering - how you would do asynchronous testing using these frameworks?

I suppose I can roll out out some custom code that will do Monitor.Wait or ResetEventWaitOne and call it at the end of the test method, then do a Pulse/Set when the test is over, but I was looking if there is an existing common/built-in solution.

This is a sample of how it is done in SUT (from

public class AsyncTests : SilverlightTest
    public void AsyncAppendStringTest()
        var appendStrings = new List<string>() { "hello", "there" };

        StringJoiner.AsyncAppendStringsWithDashes(appendStrings, (returnString) =>
                Assert.IsTrue(string.Compare(returnString, "hello-there") == 0);
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Visual Studio now supports tests that have the async Task signature and the tests complete when the async method completes.

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Christopher Bennage has an interesting approach to this, inspired by Caliburn Micro:

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This is still the Silverlight Unit Test based solution though from what I could see. What about other, non-Silverlight frameworks? – Filip Skakun Oct 3 '12 at 18:26

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