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How can I run the regex /\Wtop\W/ and identify where that match occurs or what the non-alphanumeric (the \W) characters are?

I know I might want to do something like...

if (preg_match('/\Wtop\W/', $string)) {

But I'm still stuck on how to identify what the \W matched or where this match occurred.

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Refer to the PHP Docs. Here's what you should do:

preg_match('/(\W)top\W/', $string, $matches, PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE);
$position = $matches[1][1];

Here's a demo: http://www.ideone.com/vzSwI

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Use the PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE flag to get the position of the match.

Enclose the \W in parentheses, capture the result (add an empty variable such as $match), then get $match[1] for the first \W, and $match[2] for the second.

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