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I'm trying to get a class to appear on a specific button withing a handlebar view based on a property binding. I'm doing something that is like the Todo app that ember.js has on their site ( and I'm trying to make the "Clear Completed" button disappear based on the value of a property.

I have a jsfiddle showing kind of what I'm going for here ( If I add a className inside of the #view tag it shows up fine. But if I add a clasNameBindings it doesn't work the way I expect. Am I going about this wrong or is something broken here?


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This question refers to deprecated code from a pre 1.0 version of EmberJS. – Kingpin2k May 15 '14 at 17:19

I remember I had similar problems with classNameBindings too.

Try this instead:

// Javascript for the view
App.AlertView = SC.View.extend({
  priority: "p4",
  isUrgent: true

// Template
<div {{bindAttr class="priority"}}>

// Emits the following HTML
<div class="p4">

If you just want to show/hide the button, then try binding the isVisible property.

isVisibleBinding: 'App.pageController.myProperty'

Hope this helps.

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I discussed this here and one of the people on the project helped with this, giving a clear way of how to perform this here ( In essence I needed to create a view that extends ButtonView and place the properties I want on this new view. This is the way it should work, I just wasn't seeing this properly.

Hope this makes it clearer for someone else.

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