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I am creaing a table cell, and in in, I want an image, and UNDER the image, a description. So, I attempted this:

                TableCell cell = new TableCell();
            ImageButton i = new ImageButton
                                    ImageUrl = image.fullThumbPath,
                                    PostBackUrl =
                                        "~/fulldisplay.aspx?imageId=" + image.visibleId + @"&r=" +
            Label l = new Label
                        Text = image.description
            l.Style.Add("font-weight", "bold");


However, what I end up with is the image, and NEXT to the image, a label. How would I ensure the label is under the image? I can't add a

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See if changing your code as below works for you.

Label l = new Label
     Text = "<br>" + image.description                     

I have added a br tag before the image description so that the image description will come in next line.

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