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I have 2 HTML elements that are of the same type. One element has an ID of thing1 the other has an ID of thing2. The class attributes for both of these elements are different as well.

I want both of these HTML elements to use 1 CSS class that I have written.

Is it possible for 2 elemnts with different ID and Class attributes to call the same CSS class.

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#thing1, #thing2 { css here }

Simply call both IDs.

or add another class...

.additional { css here }

<div id="thing1" class="something aditional"></div>

<div id="thing2" class="thingclass aditional"></div>
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Okay, I just wasn't sure if that was possible and or the syntax of it. – Johnrad Jan 1 '12 at 7:18

What elements?

If it's a div, style all div tags, etc.

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