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We have a WCF Service hosted in IIS 6 with Integrated Windows Authentication turned on under Directory Security. Consuming this service from a .NET Windows client the cached NTLM credentials flow to the Server PC and things work great. We would like to have the same occur when a Java client accesses the service (via the WSDL generated objects) from a Windows PC. Everything we have scoured on the net seems to state that we will not need to hard code the username/password into the Java code if we leverage the Sun java.net.authenticator and run the process on the Windows platform. Is this true? We have a solution using Axis 2.0 and its proprietary NTLM authenticator, however we had to hard code the username/password. Ideally, we'd like the NTLM cached credentials to flow automatically to the server. It seems like this should be possible since the Java process is running on a Windows PC.


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Here's an open source library, http://spnego.sourceforge.net/protected_soap_service.html, that does exactly what you want to do.

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