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I am using BitBucket as a private repository for my project.

When i clone or push change sets into the repository i am prompt for password (i enter the password and everything works fine).

The problem is when i am trying to pull changes. I am not asked for password and i get the following response in the workbench console.

‫% hg --repository local_repository_path fetch --verbose https://username@bitbucket.org/project

[command returned code 255 Sat Dec 31 18:19:42 2011]

if i go to the local repository in cmd and type "hg pull" i do get prompt for password and the pull succeeds.

can anyone please explain to me how to make this work from the workbench.

Many thanks.

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Maybe the section "Overcoming Initial Problems in Pulling and Pushing" of "My Experience Migrating to TortoiseHg 2.0" from Saveen Reddy (also on Stack Overflow) can help:

error on pull

It suggests to unchecked "Remove authentication data from url"

uncheck authentication data

And it shows how to change the security settings by specifying your username as xxx@gmail.com and entering your password:

security settings

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it was a good try but it still doesn't help. i am still getting the same. % hg --repository project_dir fetch --verbose project@bitbucket.org/project/project fetch [command returned code 255 Sun Jan 01 19:00:28 2012] –  Gleeb Jan 1 '12 at 17:03

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