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In php, is there a tool that can generate a code coverage report without using automated unit test cases ?

(basically not using phpunit or similar unit testing frameworks which do a good job generating the report but require unit testcases to be written in php!).

Exactly what I am looking for, is a tool that would generate me a code coverage report based on manual testing performed by a tester.

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Have you heard of Xdebug? I'm using this and it is fantasic! I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 and it is available via the package repository (apt-get).

It is free and it has basic code coverage analysis functionalities:


For your information, profiling is also available:


(This should be a hyperlink!!! It only allows me to post one hyperlink per answer because I'm a new user... sigh...)

Hope this helps!


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Compuware's DevPartner tools can do this. I'm not sure, but you may need to manually merge the results of multiple test runs.

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My company, Semantic Designs, offers a PHP test coverage tool that can do this just fine: http://www.semdesigns.com/Products/TestCoverage/PHPTestCoverage.jsp

You set up the coverage collection, and then run your manual tests. You can group your manual tests into a single test coverage collection, or treat them separately, merging their results together later using the coverage display tool.

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Downvoter: can you provide an explicit reason for downvoting? This directly answers the OP's question. –  Ira Baxter Apr 30 '11 at 13:58

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