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When I run this program, I get the error message:

??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in ==> if a(1,i)==0

could you tell me why??

a = randi(5,4,100)-ones(4,100);

[n m]=size(a);

for i=1:m
    if a(1,i)==0
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The reason is that you are removing columns from your matrix, so inside the for loop you are reducing its dimension. Then you try to access a column with an index which refers to the original matrix, before the columns were removed.

Try this instead:

a = randi(5,4,100)-1;
ind2remove = (a(1,:) == 0);
a(:,ind2remove) = [];
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You get that error because during the execution of this for loop, you might remove some columns. Therefore the dimensions of the matrix will decrease and you will try to access elements that have been moved to a different place.

To do wht you want, you either have to write a while loop, keeping the indices in check manually. The other solution is to vectorize your solution as itamar Katz has shown. That solution is more MATLAB-esque than writig a while loop.

But I have noticed that allowing a random algorithm to emit vectors of random length can sometimes prove more difficult to handle than fixed-length vectors. So you might want to construct your vector in such a way that you don't even have to remove such entries, depending on your application this might be accomplished by generating the first row and other rows with different instructions.

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the random vector was only to verify the accuracy of my program. –  bzak Jan 1 '12 at 10:37

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