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I'm running a rails application on EC2, and I'm using mongoHQ as DBMS. I've specified following values in mongoid.yml

defaults: &defaults
port: 10082
username: CodeMaster123
password: 00000000

<<: *defaults
database: app-development

<<: *defaults
database: app-box-test

But when I execute rails s it throws an error saying

526:in `connect': Failed to connect to a master node at localhost:27017(Mongo::ConnectionFailure)

Is there a way to check whether mongoid is reading mongoid.yml?


If I use wrong port number then it show an error

Failed to connect to a master node at (Mongo::ConnectionFailure)

It means that it ignore the the connection options specified in mongoid.yml and connects to localhost:27017. Why is it happening?

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i have exactly the same problem with rails 3.2.1.. i'm not using heroku – msdark Feb 1 '12 at 5:50
I'm hoping this is a silly question, but just in case - is that your real password? – Russell Apr 22 '12 at 19:59
thanks for bringing it to my attension – CodeMaster123 Apr 24 '12 at 8:47

Can you please try writing the full options under development: in yaml file rather then using pointers? I believe there has been bugs in this departement.

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Mongoid does not seem to support correctly YAML loading in its current public version (2.3.4). You can take a look at this commit for more details: Refactor options and env into their own modules

Put the following in your Gemfile to benefit from this recent commit (for me under Sinatra):

gem 'mongoid', :git => ""
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There were two files specifying DBMS details, I edited them and my application worked fine.

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