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all of you knows the conditional tags in wordpress , they are like this :

is_archive () , is_single()

now im looking for a conditional tag to check if the archive page of a term or a list of terms being displayed. something like this :

is_archive($term_name) OR is_archive(array(term1,term2,term3))

and my question is that , is wordpress have a conditional tag for this functionality ? or are we can create a new conditional tag in wordpress ?

thanks in advance

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You can see the full list of conditional tags here.

There is is_tag, used as such:

is_tag( array( 'sharp', 'mild', 'extreme' ) ) 

These functions return true, so you can use them like below to build up more complex conditions:

if (is_archive($term_name) || is_tag( array( 'sharp', 'mild', 'extreme' ) ) {
 // do something
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thanks , but the is_archive($term_name) don't given any argument's please read its codex first –  bizzr3 Jan 2 '12 at 7:12
Use is_category then. –  addedlovely Jan 2 '12 at 12:35

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