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I have a website, which on DEV env. I use virtual directory, while in LIVE env. I don't. I want to distinguish between virtual directory & none virtual, in runtime.

How can I acheive this?


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What are you talking about? – SLaks Jan 1 '12 at 12:49
my website on DEV computer is dev/something/index.aspx, while on live its just live/index.aspx. I want to distinguish whether i'm on virtual directory or not – Himberjack Jan 1 '12 at 12:53
I do this with a custom key in my web.config so i do not rely on infrastructure – Pleun Jan 1 '12 at 14:35

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Go to the Web tab in Project Properties and change Virtual path to /.
This will make the debugging server use the root.

To answer the question, you're looking for the HttpRuntime.AppDomainAppVirtualPath, which gets the virtual path to the application root.

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Simply do like...

    if (Request.IsLocal) // Will return true on localhost 

        // Request is from Virtual Directory
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My DEV computer is not nesseceraliy localhost. I want to know if the website resides on virtual directory, or on the ROOT dir – Himberjack Jan 1 '12 at 12:51

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