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First of all i am going to use REST with JSON because of its simplicity. So i dont need nusoap etc. The web service is written in C# and runs on azure. After trying i successfully runed a hello word PHP application on azure. My question is how to consume these webservices? The classic php way ? Or use a library from azure for PHP sdk? Because i saw that libraries have a curl and some other functions.

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php provides simplexml_load_file and json_decode function, which can be passed the uri and returns the responce...Check 1st answer of this question… – Rajat Singhal Jan 1 '12 at 14:18

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You can consume Web services written in C# on Azure in the same way as you would consume any Web service running on any platform. Deployment to Azure makes no difference.

The PHP toolkit for Azure (tutorial documentation here: is a library for PHP that lets you work with Azure-specific features. This includes

  • Azure table, blob and queue storage
  • Diagnostics and remote access
  • Automating deployment

You won't need anything from the Azure for PHP library to just consume simple a C# Web service.

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