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Ant script to run clone

<target name="clone" description="get the latest files">
    <delete includeemptydirs="true">
        <filesetdir="/opt/cruisecontrol-bin-2.8.4/projects/Mss/copyExample/local_copy/Mss" defaultexcludes="false">
            <include name="**/*" />
    <exec executable="git" dir="/opt/cruisecontrol-bin-2.8.4/projects/Mss/copyExample/local_copy/Mss">
        <arg line="clone -o fl ssh://git@ipaddress/git/run.git Mss" />

In my current CruiseControl setup I am running the following target:

    <git localworkingcopy="${projects.dir}/${project.name}/local_copy/${project.name}/"/>

Running cruisecontrol gives git exit with error code 1. I guess modificationset is not able to find git local working copy. Any help would be welcome and greatly appreciable .

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What is the error message? –  fge Jan 1 '12 at 18:14

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I guess your ${project.name} is Mss. However, you run git in /opt/cruisecontrol-bin-2.8.4/projects/Mss/copyExample/local_copy/Mss and check out into folder Mss, creating folder /opt/cruisecontrol-bin-2.8.4/projects/Mss/copyExample/local_copy/Mss/Mss. Further, if your ${project.name} does not expand to Mss/copyExample, you might have a problem, too.

In a nutshell, I think your paths is incorrect.

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