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I am having trouble implementing this, I have tried several variations of the corner() function from jquery.corner.js. Can someone please paste a sample of what the code would look like, and where it should reside, in the page which is calling the dialog or the dialog itself?

Thanks, Natasha

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Which corner plugin are you using? If it is this one: JQuery Corner Plugin then it appears to be very easy. If you have a div on your page that requires the rounded corners for example, it has the id of "cornered" then I would imagine the code would be simple:

<script language="javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() {

The above code needs to be referenced or placed in the same page as the div/element requiring the rounded corners.

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give a try to jquery.ui. The dialog control has already with rounded corners. With jquery ui all you have to do is just add the class "ui-corner-all" to an html item to enable rounded corners (except internet explorer).

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Examples using images for corners, and using plugins that allow rounded corners without images...


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A bit of an oddity with corner(): it likes to use the background color of whatever Element the Element you're trying to round as the background color for the rounded corners. So, if you're trying to round a white box and it's originally on a blue background, it will use blue to round in the corner.

Make sure to call corner() after your Element winds up where it's supposed to be; otherwise, you're going to wind up with the wrong-colored corners on there.

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