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How can I set an internal shortcut on a new page that is create from code-behind?


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I believe something like this should work:

int shortcutId = ...;

newPage.LinkType = PageShortcutType.Shortcut;
newPage.Property["PageShortcutLink"].Value = new PageReference(shortcutId);
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not sure why I didn't try this but i sure did the trick :) grazie mille –  Kulvis Jan 1 '12 at 19:55

You have to call CreateWritableClone method because the property PageShortcutLink is read-only

here my code:

PageReference prtest = new PageReference(21602);
PageReference prlinked = new PageReference(21603);
PageData pdtest = DataFactory.Instance.GetPage(prtest);
PageData pdClone = pdtest.CreateWritableClone();
pdClone.LinkType = PageShortcutType.Shortcut;
pdClone.Property["PageShortcutLink"].Value = prlinked;
DataFactory.Instance.Save(pdClone, SaveAction.Publish);
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