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I am developing a web application in struts in which I have two dropdowns on change of one other value should populate from database for that I have made use of javascript and servlet.

On change of first dropdown I call a servlet in that servlet I populate dropdown from database and writing the entire values in response stream like this:

  String buffer= "<select name='dwnfloor'><option value='0'>Select</option>";
                           "<option value="+
                     /*response.getWriter().println(buffer); */

But when it returns to the jsp page nothing comes in dropdown. I do not understand why this is happening.

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Without any idea how you're implementing it in the JSP it's impossible to help. This seems like the long way 'round, though. – Dave Newton Jan 1 '12 at 19:20

I have to agree that your method is crude.

  1. Call and get the value of the buffer string through an Ajax call.
  2. Now put the combobox in a .
  3. On Ajax call sucess , change the innerHTML of the div to your buffer string.

here is a pseudocode

oncomboxchange() {

    buffer = callAjax(){

if (ajaxcall success)
  combodiv.innerHTML = buffer

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